Free the Captives: Fighting Human Trafficking in Houston

Direct Services for Teenaged Sex Trafficking Victims and Prevention Programming for At-Risk Teens

Jesus is our model in caring for the oppressed. He sought out those marginalized by society and protected those vulnerable to manipulation and deceit. Free the Captives desires to live out the principles that Jesus taught -- to care for the poor, widowed, and orphaned and to bring hope to a dark world. Our daily hope, strength, and joy comes from knowing that Jesus is at work. 

Free the Captives is a direct service provider for teenaged victims of sex trafficking and at-risk teens. We serve primarily trafficking victims between the ages of 12 and 18 years old and at risk teenaged girls. Most of these girls are US citizens, born and raised in the Houston area; we also work with a few international victims. It is our goal to provide this population with excellent, top notch services and individualized care. We serve all girls in need, regardless of their faith. Through our program and services, we provide a safe, nurturing environment for these girls to rebuild their lives. 


Services for Trafficking Victims

Support Group for Teen Sex Trafficking Victims

Free the Captives offers a weekly support group for teenaged sex trafficking victims. It is a safe, nurturing environment for the girls to share about their experiences in a non-judgmental setting. This has been one of our most successful programs for the girls. They have been able to open up and share at an indepth level that facilitates their restoration and rehabilitation process. The girls are finding that they are not alone, and there is hope and healing. Each meeting begins with a hot meal, which is followed by sharing and discussion. Also, girls are provided with material and financial support if needed and the services listed below.

Rescue Assistance for Victims

If a family member or someone in the community is being trafficked, Free the Captives can connect you to the appropriate law enforcement agencies and nonprofits that work to rescue victims of sex trafficking. We work closely with law enforcement to help families find their trafficked child.

Safe Home Referrals 

Free the Captives connects trafficking victims to safe homes in the Houston area and nationally. We will refer and help place girls in a home or facility that is geared specifically for victims of sex trafficking. In these homes, victims are safe from their trafficker and receive counseling, an education, medical attention, and many other essential services. 

Educational Services

Free the Captives believes that education is a vital component for survivors to build a new life. We provide incentives to survivors of sex trafficking to encourage them to complete their education, whether it is their GED, high school diploma, technical training, or college. To help them accomplish these goals, we provide individualized tutoring and GED services. We also provide scholarships to victims who are attending college and have participated in our support and mentoring programs. 

Job Preparation

Free the Captives works hard to provide the girls with job training, which includes interviewing skills, dressing for the workplace, developing a strong work ethic, and interfacing with customers. We also assist the girls in their job search. Getting a job is the number one goal for many of these girls. Our New Creations program has played a pivotal role in preparing girls for the workforce. 

Financial Planning 

After helping survivors gain employment, Free the Captives works with them and their families on stabilizing their financial situation. These services include mentoring, developing a monthly budget, and empowering them to make wise financial decisions.

Medical, Dental and Material Needs 

Free the Captives assists survivors by providing for their physical needs, including medical, dental and material needs. Material needs include clothing, groceries, and furniture. Free the Captives is seeking medical and dental professionals, who are willing to donate their services for survivors of human trafficking. Please contact if you are able to help.

Advocacy and Legal Services 

Free the Captives provides legal services, that are free or low cost, to both domestic and international trafficking victims. We assist families with navigating the legal system. We also expunge the records of victims of juveniles and assist international victims with obtaining their T-visa and adjustment of status.



Services for Trafficking Victims and At-Risk Teens

Small Group Mentoring and Prevention Programming

In this program, we mentor trafficked teens as well as girls who are at high risk of being trafficked. We focus on the issues that make them vulnerable to traffickers. The goals are to prevent the trafficking of Houston’s at risk teens as well as identify victims within this hidden crime. Once identified, we intervene and work with law enforcement to rescue victims and then coordinate appropriate legal and social services. We also provide material needs such as clothing and food.

Parenting Support Group

Free the Captives offers a supportive environment for the parents of the girls in our mentoring program. This group provides parents with ongoing support, training, counseling and resources. Stronger family units will allow these girls to recover more quickly and thrive as they focus on their futures.

REFERRALS: Do you know a trafficked teenager or at risk teen who needs help? Download and complete this referral form as much as possible. Email it to You will receive a response immediately.

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