Free the Captives: Fighting Human Trafficking in Houston

This is Mayor Parker's response to the Reducing the Demand Campaign. More public pressure is needed to convince Mayor Parker to focus on the buyers of children and women. Free the Captives' response to her letter is below. You can make a difference by writing to Governor Perry and Houston city officials and urging them to arrest the buyers.


Dear Mayor Parker,                                                                                                                    December 30, 2011

Thank you for your response to this important issue. Your help and time is greatly appreciated. You can truly make a difference for the scores of children and adults being trafficked in Houston by arresting the buyers. As the Mayor of Houston, you are able to turn the tide in this battle. As long as there is a demand from buyers, there will always be someone willing to profit from their pain, degradation, and helplessness.

Houston needs its officials to be a voice for those caught in the endless nightmare of sex trafficking. Houston's teens, both boys and girls, are being trafficked daily. Buyers are repeatedly raping Houston's enslaved children on a daily basis. While the city's efforts in targeting landlords are to be applauded, it is not enough. The landlords often rent out space for massage parlors, spas and cantinas that traffickers use to hold captive international sex trafficking victims. 

Domestic victims, teens born and raised in Houston, are usually not being trafficked in cantinas and massage parlors owned by landlords. Rather, they are being trafficked out of cheap motel rooms and private residential apartments throughout Houston. Targeting the landlords will not save Houston's children from traffickers or buyers.  

Houston has made much progress in the fight against trafficking, but more work needs to be done. Please take a stand for our children. We need your help, Mayor Parker. These teens have no voice; they need an advocate. They need you. You can save these children by arresting the buyers. 

Sex trafficking does not require a landlord, but it does require a buyer.


Free the Captives